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Affiliate Window

STAMP DEMON'S fourth Affiliate Marketing Company - Affiliate Window.

We recommend Affiliate Window as we were able to join via a recommendation from another affiliate!

If you should decide to join Affiliate Window there is a small joining fee, while your site is assessed. However, this fee is refunded once your site has been accepted by their scrutineers.

Company history:

Affiliate Window was created in 2000 in response to a growing need for sophisticated on-line marketing expertise.

We have developed into a Network of 40,000 affiliate sites primed to take advantage of CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) deals, as well as a technological platform to provide the management required to maintain and promote your online advertising campaign.

We have spent the last four years building a robust technological solution packed with useful, practical features, as well as our industry-leading ShopWindow suite of products.

Our team of expert talent and marketplace experience has been built up from on and off line sectors of technology, advertising and marketing. Affiliate Window now provides a trusted gateway to CPA advertising.

"At Affiliate Window we see affiliate marketing as a vital part of online commerce. Affiliate Window provides industry-leading commercial tools to enable successful management of affiliate programmes and a network of thousands of affiliate to partner with. We continually develop new features and remain one of the leading affiliate marketing companies in the world today."


Affiliate Window