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Welcome to Stamp Demon

The Web Directory and a whole lot more...

Ciao! To all my Italiano friends!

I am delighted to also welcome our increasing number of visitors from India. In our next issue we will have a section devoted to our Indian visitors. Here's the start of it - Take a look at Stamp Demon Network.

This site was launched in 2005, as an internet resource. The aim is to provide an online directory where you can find virtually anything. We have a number of specialist categories such as Insurance, Finance and Shopping. However, if you browse around this site you will find lots of information as well.

It is time comsuming to search the internet, find websites and compare prices. Unlike price comparison sites, we offer you a complete picture and provide you with a whole range of companies so that you can find the best deal for you. For an accurate reflection of what to find at this site, please visit our Site Index.

Our Primary categories are sub-divided for your ease of use. The Insurance Section has been broken down into car, home, life insurance and more. The Finance Section covers loans, credit cards, commercial finance, mortgages and other financial matters.

The Shopping Section has now become a primary category and is highly detailed. There is everything from Department Stores to Gadget Shops! To give you an idea of its size, this section of the site has over 30 sub-categories and is still growing. We now have a specialist Home Shopping Catalogues category.

Please take a look at our re-vamped Holiday Shop - There are holidays to suit all tastes and budgets!

A section of the site that is constantly improving, is the Fishing Category. After a long break from the bankside, I'm starting again at 40 - Tight Lines!

If you would like to take a glance at some of the famous names which can be found at this site, please visit the Household Names page. Alternatively, a review of the Categories will aid your navigation of our site.

At this point it seems only right to explain the site's name. We are keen Philatelists and encourage the continuation of our hobby. The stamp you see at the top of the page is an early Tasmanian stamp bearing a portrait of Queen Victoria. At this point in Tasmania's history the country was known as Van Dieman's Land. So there it is - Stamp Demon. If you'd like to find out more about Philately, why not visit the Stamp Directory.

Returning visitors can look at the What's New Index which will show you which pages have been altered or added since the last issue.

If you want to learn more about this site, click here, as this site is a safe one with no annoying pop-ups and you may need to temporarily disable programs such as Norton Adblocker, if you want to see all of the pages displayed correctly.

We are a family run website, which is funded by affiliate marketing. STAMP DEMON is a child friendly site, there are no images or articles of an adult or pornographic nature.

Would you like to exchange links with us? We are happy to link to good quality sites, to provide our visitors with a better internet experience.

This site is updated approximately every few weeks. Our aim is to improve and customise this site as it grows to provide a better browsing experience.

Due to a change in working patterns, STAMP demon is no longer published in Issues.

Add us to your Favourites List or alternatively, you can bookmark any page from this site as we operate a deep-linking policy and never remove a page.

STAMP DEMON has now grown to over 1000 pages and is still growing! Please contact us if you would like something added.

We are a non-smoking company and actively support those who are trying to quit the habit. In July 2015 we decided to take a stand and now have a page promoting Electronic Cigarette Stores. We DO NOT want to breathe in your poisonous Secondary Smoke!

Thank you for reading the above. Please do not forget to take a look at our Privacy Policy.

If you find a problem with this or any other page, please email us.

For a more stable, reliable and accurate search of the web, we recommend Yahoo!

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