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Insuring your car online and the factors that affect your quote

The following is a guide to online car insurance. It is always good to shop around for Car Insurance, as what is right for someone else, may not be the right cover for you. There are many factors to be considered, we will look at these first.(Please note that this is a totally impartial guide, as we are not Financial Advisors and to recommend one company over another would be unfair and a breach of the FSA guidelines.) However, if you don't want our help you can always go to our extensive list of car insurance companies straight away!

How valuable is the car you wish to insure? If the car is valuable it best to insure it Fully Comprehensive. This is because you will be covered for the damage to your car in the event of an accident.(However, always read the small print and check on what you are and are not covered for.)It is also important to note that there is an excess to pay on policies, which is the amount of money you need to pay before an insurance company will settle a claim.

If your car has a low value, it is possibly best to go for a third party or third party, fire and theft policy. This is common sense, if a car costs under 500 pounds for example, is there any point paying 400 for car insurance? However, this also gives you greater flexibility on repairs, as it may be more economical to get second hand parts for a cheap vehicle and have it repaired locally.(Once more check your car insurance policy carefully for terms and conditions regarding repairs.)

What insurance group is the car? Once more this may affect the choice of policy to go for. If the car is quite old, but a high performance model, it may still have a high insurance rating. Although the value, is a factor which is considered when providing a quote, the size of a car's engine and the car's performance is another typical factor used to provide your quote.(If you are considering buying a car of this type, our advice is to get a quote first. You might also want to get the history of the vehicle checked as well.)

What is the number of miles you expect to cover in the next year? If you are a low mileage driver, tell the insurance company! However, insurance companies will often ask your annual mileage and if it's a low figure there may be a discount.

Where do you plan to store the vehicle? If a car is to be garaged this will reduce your insurance premium. If your car is to be stored on a drive this will also help to reduce your car insurance. Roadside parking, may make your insurance costs higher, however there are steps you can take to help to keep your costs down. Most modern cars have alarms and immobilisers fitted, this is not always the case on older vehicles. Most car part stores will stock these items as standard and the installation of these may reduce the cost of your insurance policy.

How old are you? This may seem obvious, but your age is a key factor. Therefore, if you're 18 and will be footing the bill for your insurance, don't go buying a Ferrari F355!! This is because you will find many car insurance companies will be reluctant to insure you and those that provide a quote will provide a big one! However, the same goes for the over 70's. Don't let us stop you though, if you've got the cash - buy and insure what you like!(If you do want our help though, we strongly advise young or old to get a quote before you buy.)

Do you plan on using the vehicle for work? This does not include travelling to and from work. What it does mean, is during your working day will you be required to use the car for business purposes. If the answer is yes, this will affect your policy.(Check with the insurance provider as to what you are and are not covered for, such as the carrying of wages, etc.)

Are you planning on customising the car? All modifications, such as alloy wheels and body kits must be declared to your insurance company. Some manufacturers fit these items as standard and insurance companies are aware of this, but if you plan to customise you must tell your insurer.(Check with your insurer, they will normally ask if the vehicle has been modified. However, there are specialist insurers out there for custom cars!)

What type of insurance are you looking for? If you want the use of a courtesy car, legal cover and so forth, this is not always provided as standard. Therefore, always check that the insurance you are buying is right for you. Remember, the cheapest is not necessarily the best, read the small print!

Finally, have you got any previous driving convictions? If the answer to this is yes, this will naturally affect your premium. Don't worry by shopping around you should be able to get a quote which is right for you. (Always declare all previous points, etc. when obtaining a quote! Not doing this is a criminal offence.)

All of the above questions and issues have been encountered by ourselves. If any of the above is inaccurate, please visit our contact page and put us right! This page is designed to help you the punter make the right choice and also help insurance companies avoid having to answer as many questions!! Car insurance is essential, not having it is a crime and plainly stupid!

Now let's explain why it's best to buy your car insurance online:

1) It saves you saving all of those leaflets that come through the door!

2) You can usually get a quote instantly and you are not held in a queue for hours on end.

3) It's often cheaper, as you can often get an online discount. You may also pay for unlimited internet access and this will be cheaper than using 0845 numbers to obtain all of your quotes.

4) You may get a better choice of quotes, as some companies only offer their services online.

5) Directories such as this provide you with access to a list of car insurance companies all in one place - what could be simpler?

Therefore, make sure you shop around. We used to automatically insure our vehicles with the same company each year, but this is folly! Before you renew with the same company, get a few quotes, you may be surprised, as we were, at the money you can save. However, if you find your old company offer the best price or will do a price match, stick with them!!

A brief footnote on mileage - Norwich Union now offer a Pay As You Drive Car Insurance. Less miles means less money!

Click here for a List of Car Insurance Companies.

You can call Swinton for free on 0800 4584 413, for a car insurance quote.

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We do hope this page has been helpful. Don't forget to have a look around the site, that tries to cover as many topics that is humanely possible!