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The web's most accurate search engine


We are delighted to be able to promote YAHOO at Stamp Demon, Yahoo is after all - The web's most accurate search engine!

I have worked in web design for over four years and have come to the previous conclusion. Not only is YAHOO more accurate than its rivals, but it also far more stable. If we are purely basing our decision on the accuracy of its searches, it far exceeds the reliability of its rivals.

Working in web design, we constantly view the web to study page positioning and unlike Google more often than not we can find pages on YAHOO. Everybody I know has suffered the disappearing site problem that Google has. I constantly hear grumbles such as " The page was there this morning, but now it's gone!" from my own wife among others. However, they are refering to Google and not YAHOO.

Don't you find YAHOO more interesting than its rivals? I certainly do. I don't want to look at so called art on a white background, with a plain search box in the middle - how boring is that? I want to be entertained when I visit, I often look at the news stories on YAHOO, before I make my search.

However, if we haven't convinced you yet, take a look below at the additional services and features you can get from YAHOO:

Consumer Products:

Personals - Find romance online and maybe more

Autos - Get a new car quote and find out which models are within your budget

Games - If you have too much time on your hands have a play

Mail Plus - you're always connected

Business Products:

Search Marketing - Maximize your marketing ROI

Web Hosting - Ensure your internet business is online 24-7

Ecommerce - Why not open your own online store

HotJobs - Advertise that job and find the best candidate for your vacancy

One last thing, isn't it time you made the right choice - Make Yahoo! your Home Page. affiliate program is with Commission Junction