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Your Band was created to give music new or old a chance. It has no particular theme, so you don't have to be placed in a box! It's an entirely free service, as we want to give our visitors some new content to look at. Advertise your bands here and get bigger crowds at your gigs - hopefully!

Well, if you have a website that would be good, as we can give you a dedicated page to help your band on searches. With the exception of Google! We do pretty well on natural searches, so visit our contact page and tell us about yourself!

All we ask is that you reciprocate our link. Get yourself a link page on your site and add our link. It's easy and it will help your own website. If you havent got a website, no problem! Just tell people about this website and that will do.

That's it, music time! Have a look below and see if you can find something that suits your musical tastes. Alternatively, give something new a try!!


Blood, Cypher and Ryme

Ginger Hustlers