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AA Car Check

AA Car Check

Welcome to the AA Car Check webpage at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below.

AA Car Check:

"Buying a used car can take a great deal of time and patience. Not only do you have to establish the make and model best suited to your lifestyle and pocket, you then have to find a perfect match. AA Car Check can help to narrow the search and will save you time.

AA Car Check is very comprehensive.

1 car in 3 has a hidden history. There are 26 possible pieces of information available about the car. AA Car Check will tell you:

- If a finance agreement is recorded.

- If it has been written-off.

- If it is currently recorded as stolen.

- If a vehicle is being traced by a third party and is at risk of fraud or theft.

- A full description including the make, model, colour, date of first registration, engine size and number, transmission and number of gears, body style, year of manufacture.

- How many keepers the car has had prior to the current keeper.

- If it has had any colour changes.

- If it has had any registration plate changes.

- If it has been used and imported from outside the EU.

- If it has been exported.

- If the DVLA have it recorded as Scrapped.

- Mileage information - has it been clocked? (Not available for all vehicles).

- CO2 Emissions.

- Vehicle excise duty band and cost of 12 months tax.

- Confirmation of the VIN before you buy."

If require more details on the products and services they provide, please click on the link below:

THE LINK WAS HERE TO VISIT THE AA CAR CHECK WEBSITE! affiliate program was with OMG UK. The program has now finished. However, the are plenty more AA programs at our AA page.