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Customising Your Car

Stamp Demon's Guide to customising/modifying your Car!

You can spend a fortune on your car or just a little bit of cash. If you have already customised your wheels or are looking for the next donor vehicle, you could always try Automart. However, if you are buying any car customised or not, don't fall for ant hidden gremlins, make sure you check its history.

If you've spent a lot of time and money on your Custom Car, you need to get it insured with experts who really know what they're talking about! If you haven't heard of Adrian Flux - where have you been? They insure more modified cars than anyone else, as it's their speciality. Ring the number on the banner below and give your motor the insurance it deserves!

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FURTHER UPDATE - Some of the big names in Car Insurance are giving advice on how customising affects your insurance. Take a look at Direct Line Car Insurance.

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Don't be a mug! Make sure you check the history of your potential project with AA Car Check.

Cheaper Custom Job:

If you are on a tight budget, focus on the wheels and tyres. A fat tailbox and an individual graphics package. This should smarten up the outside.

On the inside add a bit of polished alloy and upgrade the sound system.

Cheap Custom Job:

A bit more cash? Upgrade the whole exhaust system, both inlet and outlet manifolds.

Add a better air filter and that should start to improve performance.

You may want to fit an LSD as well!

Start to upgrade interior - Put in some buckets and harnesses. If you haven't already upgrade speakers and an amp and an auto-changer.

Not cheap at all!

Upgrade the engine with stuff such as NOS, Dump Valves, CPU Management, etc. Why not go for a total engine re-build?

Upgrade handling with new vented discs, pads, shocks and coils.

Fit low profiles and fatter wheels/alloys. Buy a private plate.

Rip out the interior and have a custom fit in leather, carbon/kevlar and polished/brushed alloy.

Put in some serious ICE - Subs, tweeters, DVD, TV, SATNAV, etc.

Above all REMEMBER it's your car, so make it personal to you!

TWO important things to remember - One, ALL modifications must be reported to your Car Insurance Company or you will get busted!! If you're involved in a smash with undeclared modifications you have broken your agreement with the Insurance Company and you will be personally prosecuted.

If you shop about, there are insurance companies who insure professionally modified vehicles.


However, this is part of life - most things lose money, so spend your money on what you like! It's better to spend it on a car than on drink or drugs!

Click HERE for a list of companies who will provide the necesssary custom parts to customise your vehicle!!

REMEMBER: Modifying your car can sometimes be a case of trial and error. If we were you we'd make sure we had Car Breakdown Cover!