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The Third Stamp Demon Website

This third site was launched in 2009, as we have a growing number of visitors from around the globe. We decided to make use of our additional domains, and have tried to provide some useful information, products and shopping for our international friends.

We are limited by language, but in future years we may be able to branch out into new areas. However, for the time being the Stamp Demon Network is concentrating on english speaking countries excluding the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA.

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The main Stamp Demon website is which caters for about fifty percent of our traffic. However, from the remaining fifty percent our visitors come to the website from countries such as India and Australia. It is for visitors such as these, that we hope to offer something new at

Visitors to this site can also make use of all of the features of our three websites. Each of the sites are linked to each other and all use the Main Site Index.

This site is still in its infancy, so bear with us it will get better! Bookmark us and watch us grow!!

Stamp Demon

Issue 1 was published in conjunction with Issue 47 of - 2009/07/27

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