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Mark's 61lb 6Oz Common from RainbowIt's been a long time coming, over two years, but here is the Fishing Section of STAMP DEMON. I didn't think it was right to publish this category, until the site became more established.

Whether you call it Fishing or Angling, maggot drowning (as my father used to call it!) is one of the world's most popular sports. Yes, fishing is a sport, as the fish can always give us the slip!

This section of the site is by an angler, for anglers and all contributions are greatly appreciated! If I've missed some thing, send me an email. Visit the Contact page and have your say.

I'm a rod and reel angler, so any help with pole fishing will add to this feature. I've never tried it, so I'll need you to help me and others have a better understanding of it!

Enough chat, let's get down to business. Below are a series of links and information, which I hope will help fishermen old and new. Have fun and in the words of Terry Thomas - "Tight Lines!"


My fishing background

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