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Issue 03 - Launched 2006/03/17


This Section of the Site is under construction at present, so bear with us - it will get better honest!

Having collected stamps for over 25 years, we have gained an enormous stock pile of stamps, albums, covers, leaves, stockbooks, etc. and it is therefore time to get rid of the surplus.

If you're retired, we know our prices are cheap, but other people's aren't. If you're struggling to find the cash to continue with your hobby you might want to enquire about Norwich Union Equity Release.

Alternatively, you could give Norwich Union Equity Release a call on 0800 0925-846.

We have a whole host of Philatelic items to aid your Stamp Collecting. If you are new to Philately don't worry as there is something for everyone.

Well my fellow Philatelists, here starts the list:

GB Queen Victoria Stamps

GB King Edward VII Stamps

GB King George V Stamps

GB King George VI Stamps

GB Queen Elizabeth II Stamps

GB Starter Packs:

100 GB Decimal Pictoral Stamps...............2.00

100 GB Pre-Decimal/Decimal Pictoral Stamps...2.50

100 GB Pre-Decimal Pictoral Stamps...........3.00

100 GB Pre-Decimal Definitive Stamps.........2.50

100 GB Pre-Decimal/Decimal Definitive Stamps.2.00

UK and Europe minimum postal rate 1.00, Rest of the World 1.25.

To e-mail us with enquiries about our stock, click here

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