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Stamp Pals

Stamp Pals - This page is an open house to all my Philatelic pals old, recent and new. If you have a stamp site and wish to exchange links, drop us an email and we'll be in touch. This is a page of philatelic resources, some of the references appearing elsewhere in the site.

We don't care how old your sites are, what your page ranking is or whether it will improve our position on search engines - if that's your game, you better look elsewhere! This page has been created to give all Stamp website owners a chance to appear in a direcory which gets lots of hits from around the world. If you like the site link to us, we operate a deep linking policy and you don't have to link to the front page, you can link to any of our pages.

Our link material is available from the page Add A Link. You can use any of the banners or a simple text link or you can make up your own text (within reason!)

Don't forget to have a look around the site, as there really is more to this site than stamps and don't forget to let us know if there's anything missing.

We hope you enjoy the site - STAMP DEMON.

Prestige Philately Pty Limited

Millennium Philatelic Auctions

Faroese Stamps

Cyber Stamps - GB First Day Cover Stamps. Presentation Packs and More. Good Service, Quality and Price, Online Catalogue with over 13,000 Scans, Weekly Specials.

Peter's Stamps - "I deal in stamps and covers of Great Britain, Isle of Man and the Channel islands issued since 1924."

All World Stamps Stamps for sale - Great Britain, Commonwealth and World in singles, sets, packs and special offers, accessories available.

Timbres Themes Inc - "Dear Customer and Stamp Lover, We are pleased to invite you to take advantage of our Special Discount Galore! Stamps, covers , maxicards, specialized material and much more from all countries of the world , and endless topical categories are only a click away to be housed in your collection.Never has it been so easy to shop stamps on the Internet. Come cheerfully enjoy a unique stamping shopping experience. Savings are awaiting you .. do not miss out ..!!"

Buckingham Covers - is the UKs premier producer of quality Covers for the discerning collector. With decades of experience the Buckingham team get the best out of each new theme generated by Royal Mail.

Classic Philately - Till Neumann: Dealer in rare stamps and postal history of the world. - Illustrated Stamp Collecting News from every corner of the Stamp World

Find Your Stamp's Value - Everyone has at least a few old stamps. Our mission is to help you to identify your U.S. stamps and find their value! Try our Guest search service

Find Your Stamp's Value

All Stamps Paradise Free Stamp Exchange and Philatelic ads

Poppe-Stamps - "Philippe & Guido Poppe are both stamp collectors specialised in subjects (either animals from before 1945 and worldwidebutterflies of the family Papilionidae). Guido is an expert on shells and has written many books on the subject. Philippe got a background in web-technology and together they run, the leading site on mollusks with tens of thousands of visitors a day from where also the experience in mail-order business.

We felt there is a place and need on the web for a homepage that offers enough stamps to be browsed either by subject or country. Our geographical situation in the Philippines allows us to build this website in a reasonable laps of time. This is a fairly new website and we are open for any suggestion that can ameliorate our services."

Stamp Paradise Philatelic directoryStamp Paradise - Philatelic directory

Stamp Circuit Stamp Auctions - The virtual meeting place for stamp collectors, dealers and auctioneers.

2-Clicks Stamps Directory - "2-Clicks stamps is a postage stamps collecting directory that provides stamp collectors a philatelic guide online by supplying them database of 3,500 classified philatelic web pages, all under a specific category presenting the most relevant stamps collectibles resources that you can find in the net today.

The directory consists of 15 main categories. These include Stamp dealers, Stamp auctions, Stamp postal service, Stamp catalog online and Stamp collectors."

You will find other stamp links elsewhere on the site, but if they aren't on this page we will normally have asked them for a link back and they either haven't replied or have refused to link back. Shame really, as manners don't cost anything. However, the links are here for your benefit as much as theirs!

If you haven't got a link policy for your site, why not? If we want our hobby to continue we need to help eachother. Promote Philately and sites that promote the hobby!!