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British Freshwater Fishes

In this section we look at the different types of fish that can be found in UK waters. You will notice that in the UK we are fortunate to have a diverse range of species to catch. They can be caught in a variety of waters such as rivers, still waters, pits, etc. This is what makes our sport so interesting. However, these fish are to be caught and returned! I am not including Game Fish in this section.

Please note - IT IS ILLEGAL TO TAKE FISH OUT OF UK RIVERS AND STILL WATERS. There are a growing number of people settling in the UK from other parts of Europe, who are removing fish from our rivers. This is completely unacceptable, they should and hopefully will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

If I've missed any species from this list please feel free to email me, by visiting the Contact Page. If any of the information is inaccurate, please let me know.

Barbel - Latin Name: Barbus barbusLathams Discount Fishing Store

Bronze Bream - Latin Name: Abramis brama

Chub - Latin Name: Leuciscus cephalus

Common Carp - Latin Name: Cyprinus carpio

Crucian Carp - Latin Name: Carassius carassius

Dace - Latin Name: Leuciscus leuciscus

Eel - Latin Name: Anguilla anguilla

Grass Carp - Latin Name: Ctenopharygodon idella

Gudgeon - Latin Name: Gobio gobio

Leather Carp

Minnow - Latin Name: Phoxinus phoxinus

Mirror Carp

Perch - Latin Name: Perca fluviatilis

Pike - Latin Name: Esox lucius

Roach - Latin Name: Rutilus rutilus

Rudd - Latin Name: Scardinius erythrophthalmus

Ruffe - Latin Name: Gymnocephalus lavaretus

Silver Bream - Latin Name: Blicca bjoerkna

Spined Loach - Latin Name: Cobitis taenia

Stone Loach - Latin Name: Noemachelilus (barbatula) barbatula

Sturgeon - Latin Name: Acipenser

Tench - Latin Name: Tinca tinca

Wels Catfish - Latin Name: Silurus glanis

Wild Carp

Zander - Latin Name: Stizostedion lucioperca

Fishtec - Coarse